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Fatigue Risk Management Services

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We partner with our clients to develop, implement and monitor comprehensive, customised and compliant Fatigue Risk Management Systems (FRMS) to better protect your people, your operations, your assets and the general community. Fundamental to our approach is that each organisation and operation is unique and must be treated as such. We spend time on site, engaging with key organisational stakeholders, including operational personnel, supervisors, managers, rostering and safety personnel and others.

Fatigue Risk Management Gap Analyses

We will conduct a gap analysis of your existing fatigue risk management processes to determine the current status of your FRMS in relation to legislative requirements, industry guidelines and scientific principles. Methods typically include:

  • A fatigue risk assessment workshop with key stakeholder group representatives
  • Inspection of work environments and task analyses
  • Roster analyses
  • Confidential semi-structured individual interviews
  • Desktop review of internal processes and documentation.

The findings of the gap analysis are presented in a comprehensive report, which clearly details identified fatigue-related risk exposures, current and potential control measures, and a recommended plan of action.

FRMS Development, Implementation and Monitoring

We will co-develop the policies, procedures and guidelines required to improve your FRMS, including supporting tools, resources and training materials. We can assist with the implementation of the FRMS into your organisation, including the identification of appropriate key metrics and processes to be utilised in the ongoing monitoring, review and continuous improvement of your FRMS.

Driver Fatigue Monitoring Technology

We partner with Fatigue Management International to provide the unique, patented ASTiD technology to monitor the real-time potential for driver fatigue impairment. The ASTiD (Advisory System for Tired Drivers) system provides the only predictive, non-invasive and unobtrusive technology currently available to identify the probability of an individual experiencing fatigue. It provides an invaluable objective measure of fatigue to complement subjective assessments which may not be accurate – one of the consequences of being fatigued is that your self-assessment of how tired you are is impaired. ASTiD is currently being used successfully in mining and transport operations around the world.

Fatigue Management & Sleep Solutions Australia - ASTiD Device Fatigue Management & Sleep Solutions Australia - ASTiD Device

ASTiD was developed by Professor Jim Horne and his team of sleep scientists at the world renowned Loughborough Sleep Research Centre in the UK. The technology has been both scientifically and operationally validated. It has been designed to identify the early signs of driver fatigue so that the risk can be assessed and action taken before the individual reaches more dangerous levels of fatigue.

Click here to visit the ASTiD website.